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Final Direction
Haier NGFL
Haier NGFL
Haier, the largest appliance manufacturer in Asia, acquired GE Appliances in 2016 and has been revamping its own entry into the US market.

The last several months of my time with GE Appliances was spent working with the laundry team on new product innovation for the Haier laundry line. I was tasked with ideating new laundry features and aesthetics, and appealing to a new demographic of consumers.
A New Market Acquisition
Since acquiring GE Appliances, Haier has wanted to reintroduce itself to the American market while avoiding "brand cannibalism" with its GE branded products.
Who is Haier?
Based on a survey of 3005 participants, we aimed to design for a middle aged, middle income demographic that might be located in an open living space.
Haier Values
From these insights, I decided to focus in on the younger end of the demographic market. These users would likely be living alone or in a small roommate/family unity and would have their laundry machine in an open area.

small living spaces

independent or small family

These individuals don’t require much space, resulting in small or open living spaces. With a low-to-mid price point, consumers might be expected to buy a new set every few years to better fit their living environment. In this case, the appliance will likely be in the living space and therefore must suit the consumers’ tastes.

Individuals that live alone or with one or two others. This user doesn’t love doing laundry - in fact, it’s considered a chore that maintains a lifestyle. We should limit controls or features that would otherwise be considered time consuming or tedious.

Young men and women that typically value experiences over things. The product should include features and an interface that simplifies or minimizes involvement with the task of laundry. We should promote the “untethered” lifestyle that our consumer seeks.

young and modern
Product Vision
In designing for an open environment, I wanted to take a clean and modern look. Whatever the aesthetic, it must ideally blend into the background of one's home, allowing the home's aesthetic to be uninterrupted. Hidden, sentimental features were also used as a selling point.

sleek and clean

unexpected features

Product Ideation
Features must simplify and promote user convenience. Simply put, anything that allows the user to finish the task of laundry quicker is a plus.
Aesthetic Iteration
In designing on the spectrum of bold to minimal, I looked at softer, organic forms and harder, more modern forms.
CAD Exploration
From here, I explored the forms and features in CAD.
Industrial + Product Design