Precision Baking System
2018  |  GE Appliances + FirstBuild
The Precision Bakeware System emerged from a frustrating baking session and lead to the question - how can we eliminate the guesswork that goes into baking? Designed for the professional and the DIYer, the Precision Bakeware System offers an accurate (and satisfying!) baking experience.

FirstBuild approached me during the refinement stage of this project, and I was tasked with designing a more intuitive and simpler user experience.

Precision Bakeware launched October 2018 and has received attention from CNET, engadget, and other online media sites. More information can be found at:
Industrial Design
Prototyping (low and high fidelity)
Product Design
How Does Precision Baking System Work?
Simply put, PBS provides the user with an accurate means of tracking the internal temperature of baked goods. Included in the package is a springform pan with measurement markings, a connected probe, and a probe-adjustment dial.

Using PBS is as simple as deciding what you want to bake, attaching the probe and probe-adjustment dial, pouring the batter and setting the probe to the center of the batter.
Concept and Testing
The initial thought was to have a single slot cut out and a fixed-in-place probe-adjustment tool, but this did not seal the pan properly. After a bit of prototyping, I discovered an opportunity to use a radial dial as a way to seamlessly adjust the probe without removing and reinserting it. This eliminated the possibility of a batter leak and led to a better user experience.
After discovering a preference for the radial dial through usability, I redesigned the face of the dial for better ergonomics. Each dial was 3D printed and tested.
Final Direction
From here, it was necessary to incorporate FirstBuild aesthetic elements into the final solution. Additionally, it was discovered that after several uses the radial dial would become difficult to turn. In true FirstBuild fashion (which is a makerspace) I added the "Oil Regularly" embossment. This allows a certain responsibility and maintenance be left to the end user.
The PBS is intended to be used by everyone from the beginner to the professional, and lends itself to being an excellent learning tool or companion in the kitchen.
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