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Project Aether
The healthcare industry is undergoing a revitalization of patient-centered design. However, patient-facing innovation in diagnostic imaging has largely lagged behind. The industry standard for delivery of results has led to a knowledge gap between the healthcare professional (HCP) and patient, often leading to patient anxiety and confusion regarding their condition and imaging results.

Project Aether explores innovative options to improve patient comprehension of their diagnostic imaging results. It evolves with the patient throughout their care journey to both meet expectations and deliver intuitive information.
Bridging the gap between patients and their diagnostic imaging results
Core Research
The patient care journey from initial diagnosis, to treatment, and ultimately remission or recursion is a uniquely individual experience that involves many different touchpoints, emotional oscillations, and behavioral changes. This vast space is ripe for patient-facing innovation, so in order to hone in on the most appropriate point for intervention we chose to explore qualitative research methods to better understand the people we were serving and how we might most effectively bridge the knowledge gap.
1. A patient's understanding of their condition, diagnosis, and imaging results will increase over the course of their care journey.

2. Enhanced and augmented visualizations of diagnostic imaging results will improve patient understanding of their progress and/or decline on a session-to-session basis.

3. Patients will feel more empowered to take an active role in their care journey if they are able to speak about their results with more clarity.
Support Groups
Details coming soon....

To form lasting participant relationships, we attending several online support groups for those who were currently, or ad previously, suffered from a brain tumor in the weeks leading up to the first interview sessions..
Market Analysis and Existing Literature
Details coming soon....

We reviewed existing literature on diagnostic imaging, the methods and innovations in the area, and patient-HCP relationships during these moments to help us form a foundation for improving the matter.
Semi-Structured Interviews
Details coming soon....

Please reference the resulting "generalized" care journey map below for a quick takeaway of the interviews.
"Generalizing" the Patient Experience
Next steps:

We are synthesizing the core research to arrive at user and product requirements, and are
planning a co-design activity with more participants in the coming weeks.

Stay tuned!
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