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A bit about me . . .   I am a multidisciplinary designer that has previously worked in the consumer appliances and healthcare sectors. My passion for understanding the people that use the things we create has led me to pursuing a Master's degree of Human-Computer Interaction at Georgia Institute of Technology, where I am currently writing this.

My journey into UX started with a simple design prompt that quickly evolved into a bigger question of understanding the people I was designing for, and at a deeper level than I had ever intended. What followed was a rabbit trail that I am still pursuing, I just now know what to call it. Perhaps even more importantly, I discovered a purpose within my work. I've found that sometimes how a project looks and how much impact it has aren't always positively correlated. What matters most is the reaction someone has when interacting with the end result.

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Where I've Been, and What I've Done


Georgia Institute of Technology, M.S. Human-Computer Interaction, 2021

Auburn University, B.Indd Industrial Design, 2019


SimTigrate Design Lab, Graduate Research Assistant (GRA), 2019 - Present
As a student of design, I seek a deeper understanding of design theory and of those who are affected, both directly and indirectly, by the end result. Auburn University's undergraduate Industrial Design program has provided a design foundation which has fostered my interest in areas other than traditional product design.
BIND Auburn University, 2019
2+ Years Professional Experience
Corporate-sponsored studios and collaborative workshops have complemented my educational and professional experience. I have been fortunate to work with Western Forge and Superior Recreational Products as a student-designer, and participate in workshops with Snook, NCAD, and Carlow IT.
Industry Collaboration
2+ years experience improving lives via consumer product and healthcare innovation with GE Appliances and Ethicon (Johnson and Johnson). I have been involved with every stage of product development from concept generation to designing for manufacture, and will be ready for a new experience in May 2019.


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